Wednesday, June 2, 2010

4th Street Project

Road Project - 4th Street (From Lake to Edna) and Edna St (from 4th to 5th Street)

June 7th to July 27th - anticipated construction dates

The proposed project will completely reconstruct 4th Street including additional depth of sand sub base, placing a geotextile fabric layer, and constructing under drain saturated sub base. Also, the proposed project will include reconstruction of approximately 300 feet of 4th Street from Lake Street to Brooks Street, milling and resurfacing of approximately 500 ft of 4th Street from Brooks Street to Sheley Street, reconstruction of 1400 ft of 4th and Edna Street from Sheley to M-76. Watermain construction will involve placing 1,550 ft of 8 inch watermain along 4th Street and Edna Street in addition of replacement of 3 aging fire hydrants and 15 water services along the new pipe.

The improved road section will be better suited to support commercial loads and provide long term service to the commercial district. In addition, reconstruction of the road will alleviate existing surface drainage problems by increasing road grades and providing means for surface water to leave the roadway. The elimination of these drainage problems will provide a great benefit for the many residents along Fourth Street.

Replacing the existing watermain with 8-inch pipe and fixing the known leaks in the water system will protect the community water supply and health. Also, these improvements will be able to increase fire flows to the project area by as much as 100%. This will positively impact the Village's Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating and can potentially reduce insurance premiums.

4th Street is crucial to providing access to the businesses along M-76 and for providing a detour for M-76. Continued deterioration of the road and the existing drainage issues will require additional maintenance by the Department of Public Works which adversely impacts the Village budget and precludes staff from performing other duties. Repair of the road will alleviate maintenance concerns and will provide an effective road for all residents and businesses.

* Village received grant money for this project.....Michigan Community Development Block Grant Program........Village was awarded $245,800 in grant money with a $120,000 of $365,800 project. *

* The Village will be putting a low level of chlorine into the water system as a precaution against potential contamination or watermain breaks. This will be a temporary measure for the best interest of the Village and its residents*

* The Village will be providing updates on any detours and road closures during the project. *

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